This Market is Unprecedented

Nothing about our financial markets last week was normal. From historically low mortgage interest rates to extreme stock market volatility, here's how it's all shaking out.

Will you sell my mortgage loan?

Abstract Stock Market Mortgage Backed Securities Photo
When most people ask, "will you sell my loan?" they really mean, "will you sell the servicing of my loan?" Here what's you need to know about the difference.

Real News for Real Estate Professionals v1-2019

Current Mortgage News for Real Estate Professionals
None of that fake stuff! Wells Fargo and Mr. Cooper eliminate mortgage jobs, study warns of declining home sales and slowing prices, purchase originations expected to increase in 2019, and the government shutdown impacts home buying.

Investigate Your Loan Officer

detective's magnifying glass
Your loan officer is the person who should hold your hand throughout the process of getting a mortgage. So how do you know if they have the experience necessary to do their job? It's easy to figure out with a little Internet sleuthing.

Underwriting Pre-Approvals

Underwriter's decsion making process
Some lenders are having pre-approvals fully credit-approved by an underwriter. Are these transactions more likely to close? Maybe. Maybe not.

Separation of Mortgage and Real Estate

It's important to have processes and procedures in place to prevent fraud
It's important for the real estate agent and mortgage loan officer to have processes and procedures in place to discourage fraud. As such, a buyer's mortgage paperwork shouldn't pass through the hands of the REALTOR if it can be helped.

Watch out for sales gimmicks!

Mortgage lender sales gimmicks include everything from pizza parties to tacos.
Mortgage applications are declining and mortgage lenders are hungry! Some are turning to gimmicks or "incentives" to get your business.

Don't be like Dick!

First Time Buyer for a Mortgage Pre-Approval
The real estate market in Port Townsend and Jefferson County (WA) is extremely competitive. Whether you're a first time buyer or are looking for the perfect retirement home, get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. Don't be like Dick!

Important Mortgage Dos and Don'ts

Mortgage Dos and Don'ts
Important tips to remember while your mortgage loan is in processing.