What is title insurance?

Title Insurance
Title insurance usually protects against errors or omissions in deeds, mistakes in examining records, fraud, forgery, undisclosed heirs and spousal claims. Ultimately the policy protects the owner and lender from the possibility that the seller (or previous sellers) couldn't rightfully sell the property.

Mortgage Calculator

Download my smart phone app for a simple mortgage calculator that will give you the total monthly payment for different priced homes.

Impound Accounts

Most mortgage loans come with an impound account for paying property taxes and homeowner's insurance. Impound accounts are pre-funded at closing. And an impound (or escrow) analysis is conducted by your lender once a year.

Earnest Money Tips

Earnest Money
When you negotiate a purchase agreement with a seller, you'll be asked to put down earnest money. Earnest money is a deposit that shows the seller you're serious. And like any money that you plan to use to purchase your home, you'll be asked to "source" your earnest money.

What are Points?

It's not the interest rates that change every day. It's the price you pay to get a particular interest rate that changes.

What's in a Zestimate?

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A Zestimate is simply what it implies, an estimate of a home's value. The Zestimate is not an appraisal. It's not an estimate of value from a local real estate professional. And it can't always be trusted.