Buy Before Selling

Real Estate Sign Pending Home Sale
"How do I buy a new home before selling the home I already own?" There are many solutions to this common question.

The Cost of Waiting

Time to get out our crystal balls! When is the best time to buy a home? Will prices decline this summer? Are we moving toward a buyer's market? Get all your answers here.

Investigate Your Loan Officer

Your loan officer is the person who should hold your hand throughout the process of getting a mortgage. So how do you know if they have the experience necessary to do their job? It's easy to figure out with a little Internet sleuthing.

What's your interest rate?

While interest rates and closing costs are certainly important, the best question to ask your mortgage pro is: How are interest rates behaving right now and why are they behaving that way?

Real Estate Market Trends

Real estate prices are cooling in Washington and on the Olympic Peninsula. In Seattle, price reductions are becoming more common than multiple offers. Port Townsend and Jefferson County is sure to follow suit.