Don't be like Dick!

First Time Buyer for a Mortgage Pre-Approval
The real estate market in Port Townsend and Jefferson County (WA) is extremely competitive. Whether you're a first time buyer or are looking for the perfect retirement home, get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. Don't be like Dick!

Let's Talk Bank Statements

If you're applying for a mortgage loan, chances are good that you'll be asked to produce bank statements. Keep reading to lean exactly what you'll need to provide and what your underwriter is looking for.

Tax Reform: A Highly Unscientific Study

Tax Returns
Tax reform is a hot topic! I analyzed 100 different sets of tax returns and extrapolated who would be “winners” and “losers" under the new proposed federal income tax regulations.

Fannie Mae Updates

Fannie Mae released a new version of their automated underwriting system in July. Improvements should benefit self-employed borrowers, those with disputed accounts, borrowers with new jobs, and those with higher debt to income ratios.

You can live here!

Wooden Boat Festival 2016
There are many reasons for relocating to the Olympic Peninsula. And many people available to help!