Jul 5, 2017

I'm like that insurance company...  I'm a little different from most mortgage lenders.

My focus is on relationships instead of volume.  I'm not trying to close 25 loans per month.  I probably won't ever make my company's "President's Club" for top salespeople.  And that's OK with me.  I'd rather close fewer loans and have deeper relationships with my customers.  That's just how I prefer to work.  I love the process of becoming friends with many of my clients and customers!

I understand that gathering paperwork can be a cumbersome process.  So instead of just handing my customers a mile-long list, I try to get much of their paperwork for them.  For example, I have relationships with all the banks in town.  If my customer uses a local bank, I'll often run down to the bank and get that last statement for them so they don't have to bother.  It's easier for my customer and it insures I'm getting the right thing the first time!

I also remain a point-of-contact after the loan closes.  My customers don't have to call an 800 number if they have questions or concerns about their mortgage loan.  They have my cell phone number!  I frequently help customers replace lost tax paperwork, change automatic payment instructions, and confirm that property taxes are paid properly.  I enjoy keeping in touch with customers after their loan closes.

Lastly, I'm a lot more 'colorful' than your stereotypical mortgage banker.  You're more likely to catch me wearing a Jerry Garcia t-shirt than a stuffy blue suit (or a suit of any color for that matter!)  But you'll NEVER catch me wearing socks with sandals!