The Mortgage Loan Process

So, you’re thinking about purchasing a home. That’s awesome! This is a very exciting time, and you may be wondering how to initiate the process. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This handy step-by-step guide will help lead the way.

Love Your Loan Officer!

Your loan officer should bend over backwards to make sure your home buying process is simple and painless. But they can’t do it alone! Here are some helpful tips to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your loan officer.

Five Questions to ask your Mortgage Loan Officer

Question marks on notepads on blue wooden desk
Choosing a lender is a big decision, but asking these five essential questions can shed some light on your prospective mortgage professional and put your mind at ease.

This is not a slowdown!

Tortoise Carrying the Hare
Last winter, many buyers believed a real estate slowdown was imminent. But the slowdown hasn't materialized and competition remains as fierce as ever!

Investigate Your Loan Officer

detective's magnifying glass
Your loan officer is the person who should hold your hand throughout the process of getting a mortgage. So how do you know if they have the experience necessary to do their job? It's easy to figure out with a little Internet sleuthing.

Underwriting Pre-Approvals

Underwriter's decsion making process
Some lenders are having pre-approvals fully credit-approved by an underwriter. Are these transactions more likely to close? Maybe. Maybe not.

Don't be like Dick!

First Time Buyer for a Mortgage Pre-Approval
The real estate market in Port Townsend and Jefferson County (WA) is extremely competitive. Whether you're a first time buyer or are looking for the perfect retirement home, get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. Don't be like Dick!

Let's Talk Pay Stubs

Pay Stub Example
One of the first documents your lender will want to see are pay stubs reflecting the most recent 30 days of income.

Lightning Fast Pre-Approvals!

Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter
In nine minutes, I was able to double check the numbers, create a pre-approval letter, and email it to my customer and her real estate agent - all without having to move from my perch on the couch.