Five Questions to ask your Mortgage Loan Officer

Question marks on notepads on blue wooden desk
Choosing a lender is a big decision, but asking these five essential questions can shed some light on your prospective mortgage professional and put your mind at ease.

Underwriting Pre-Approvals

Underwriter's decsion making process
Some lenders are having pre-approvals fully credit-approved by an underwriter. Are these transactions more likely to close? Maybe. Maybe not.

Don't be like Dick!

First Time Buyer for a Mortgage Pre-Approval
The real estate market in Port Townsend and Jefferson County (WA) is extremely competitive. Whether you're a first time buyer or are looking for the perfect retirement home, get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. Don't be like Dick!

Lightning Fast Pre-Approvals!

Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter
In nine minutes, I was able to double check the numbers, create a pre-approval letter, and email it to my customer and her real estate agent - all without having to move from my perch on the couch.