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Forbearance Facts and Your Time to Shine!

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Hot topics in the mortgage industry this week include the truth about mortgage forbearance, amazing opportunities for home buyers, and the future of home loan lending.

This Market is Unprecedented

Nothing about our financial markets last week was normal. From historically low mortgage interest rates to extreme stock market volatility, here's how it's all shaking out.

How Low Will Mortgage Interest Rates Go?

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The mortgage world is all atwitter about current mortgage interest rates. They're low. Really low. Why? One word: Coronavirus. Are we in for a global economic meltdown?

Big Changes for Adjustable Rate Mortgages

After an initial fixed rate period, the interest rate for adjustable rate mortgages is determined by adding the value of a financial index (often the LIBOR index) to a margin. There’s just one problem. The LIBOR is going away.