Beware of Wire Fraud

Masked thief carrying a bag of money.
As soon as the money is received, the crooks wire it out of the country and that money is gone.

Fannie Mae Updates

Fannie Mae makes changes to DU
Fannie Mae released a new version of their automated underwriting system in July. Improvements should benefit self-employed borrowers, those with disputed accounts, borrowers with new jobs, and those with higher debt to income ratios.

The "New" HomePath

HomePath Mortgage
The "new" HomePath ReadyBuyer program might get your buyer $3,000 to use toward his closing costs.

The Return of Subprime

Subprime, Alt-A, or non-QM Mortgage
Every day, we're hearing about new subprime and Alt-A mortgage options. But the subprime market today looks vastly different from the old subprime market. The days of stated income loans, where a borrower's income was never confirmed, are over.

Appraisal Cheat Sheet

Typical Repairs Required by Appraisers
The appraisal process is subjective. There is no list of repairs that every appraiser will require. But these are the kinds of repairs an appraiser is likely to require.

Lightning Fast Pre-Approvals!

Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter
In nine minutes, I was able to double check the numbers, create a pre-approval letter, and email it to my customer and her real estate agent - all without having to move from my perch on the couch.