Oct 8, 2020

It’s a zoo out there! I see houses come on the market, and they have six or eight offers within 48 hours. I routinely have multiple customers making offers on the same houses. I don’t even have to pay attention to new listings. I know they’re there because I get five phone calls from five different prospective buyers about the same house on the day it’s listed. Seriously.

The competition is fierce, and the reality is that most of my customers don’t get their first choice. I have one customer who just had an offer accepted after a year of looking. I’ve written six different pre-approval letters for six different offers, and provided them with twenty-five different estimates for different priced homes!

It’s tough to compete, and sometimes buyers think they can’t compete with:

a) people who have more money, and
b) people who are offering cash

But you can! It’s not easy, and you may not get your first choice. But watch this video for my tips to make your offer as strong as it can be.

Mortgage Lending - Competing with Cash Offers